About as

“Total IT” LTD is one of the leading companies of the region offering wide range of IT services and products. Being a provider of IT solutions and a system integrator “Total IT” offers off-shelf products which includes hardware and software sets along with consulting, support and warranty services. Founded on August 25, 2005, the activity of “Total IT” Company is aimed at increasing business activity in different organizations of the region and also at improving information exchange in the society.    

“Total IT” is a team of specialists having unique practices in development of technological products and solutions. Highly specialized engineers, developers, network and telecommunication system experts, managers form intellectual base of the company. Company family consists up to 25 employees working hard and effectively for the development of the company.

“Total IT” is a business partner with such industry leaders as HP, Outsource International, Mikro, LOGO, Abris DC, RRC EN, Cisco Systems, VMware, Oracle, Microsoft.

 The main activity of Total IT includes sections like  IT Solutions, Communication, Audio, Video surveillance, Security services, software and management, technical service and support, etc.

Total IT Company help to the customers to save their time and money by offering different services. For example, Total IT provides consulting services to its customers through specialized experts.

In some cases, Total IT Company helps to prepare and implement IT strategy on newly established companies.